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Welcome to Great Western Exotics

A Centre of Excellence for Avian and Exotic Pets

Part of Vets Now Referrals in Swindon, Great Western Exotics is the only full time Specialist staffed, avian & exotic animal specific veterinary service in the South West and Central UK.

We have a dedicated team of four vets specifically trained to care for the everyday needs of exotic pets, which include raptors (falcons and other birds of prey), parrots, pet rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rodents, birds, tortoises, reptiles, amphibians, spiders  and indeed any non cat or dog companion pet.

We have access to full diagnostic services including

  • endoscopy
  • ultrasound
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT scanning
  • fluoroscopy

and a comprehensive in-house laboratory to assist in making a rapid and specific diagnosis, so as to optimise prognosis.

We offer routine consultations 7 days a week and our department is staffed day and night so our exotic animal service is truly 24/7. 

Supporting our vets is our dedicated team of nursing staff, on hand to provide the intensive nursing care your pet requires. As a tier 3 RCVS accredited veterinary hospital, we provide ventilated, disease control avian and exotic animal hospital accommodation and have a vet and nurse on site 24 hours a day, and ensure that all inpatients have optimal around-the-clock care to include a clinical evaluation at least every 4 hours and more often if required. We provide the very best levels of comfort and care for your pet.

Located in Swindon we have customers coming to us from the surrounding areas of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Bristol as well as Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and other counties in southern England and Wales.

Exotic Pet Vets Referral Service

We also provide a full 24/7/365 Exotic Vets Referral Service. By sending your pet to Great Western Exotics, you are providing your sick pet with the best exotics expertise and care available. We have a team of world-class vets who have chosen to specialise in different areas of veterinary medicine, undergoing years of additional training to become highly experienced in this field, who see on a daily basis species that many vets may not regularly treat, and offer a premium level of care. We work with your vets to be an extension of their service when they feel that a specialist opinion would be in your pet’s best interest.

We are also happy to provide clinical advice, interpret radiographs and laboratory results for colleagues in other veterinary practices and accept any exotic animal referral cases.

If your exotic animal is already under the care of another vet you are welcome to come to us for a second opinion (i.e. you then become our client) or as a referral case (in which case you go back to your vet after treatment). However we cannot give telephone advice about a patient which is under the care of another vet without first seeing the patient. In such situations it is an ethical requirement that your vet is informed that we are seeing your pet.

Clients of other practices are welcome to see us when their veterinary services are not available, but these clients will be charged an Out of Hours Surcharge.

All of this means your special pet will receive the very best diagnosis and treatment available from our Avian & Exotic Animal team.

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Great Western Exotics

Unit 10 Berkshire House,
County Business Park,
Shrivenham Road,
Swindon SN1 2NR

Tel: 01793 603 800
Fax: 01793 603 801

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Exotics Referral Service

Vets wishing to refer can

call us on 01793 603 800

any time of day or night.

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