Pet Owner FAQs

Pet Owner FAQs

How much will my pet’s treatment cost?

Before your appointment, you’ll be told the cost of the first consultation, plus estimated costs of further tests your pet is likely to need on the same day (we’ll know this from communicating with your daytime vet).

Minus the consultation fee, you won’t incur any charges until the vet has agreed a treatment plan for you.

Following your pet’s first consultation, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate for the agreed tests and treatment plan. Please note this is an estimate, not a quotation. If your pet’s needs do change, we’ll ask your approval before commencing with further tests or treatment.


My pet is insured – will that cover the cost of treatment?

This will depend on the insurance company, the type of policy and the level of cover you’ve chosen. For a better idea, try checking with your insurance provider. We can help with this, but insurance companies often prefer to deal with the policyholder directly.

Please do be reminded that you’ll need to cover any outstanding amount(s) if your insurance company fails to provide full payment.


Following their treatment, what will happen after I collect my pet?

When we discharge your pet, we’ll update your vet within two hours and send them a full written report within 48 hours.

A week after your pet’s procedure, you’ll get a phone call from us – or your daytime vet – to check how they’re getting on.


Can you cater for pets who are nervous around other animals?

With several wards at our disposal, we can accommodate all sorts of temperaments among pets. This includes pets who like to be alone, and pets who prefer human company.

We monitor inpatients around the clock and can rectify the situation immediately if an animal shows signs of distress.


What can I do to help with my pet’s treatment?

If your pet has been given medication to take prior to their procedure, please remember to give it to them and to bring it to their appointment if advised.

To minimise disruption to your pet’s routine as best we can, please tell us about their diet and eating patterns: what they eat, when, how often—especially if they’re diabetic. If your pet is on a special diet, it’s a good idea to bring some of their food with you when they come for their procedure.


Will Great Western Exotics staff look after my pet during the night?Will Great Western Exotics staff look after my pet during the night?

Yes. Our highly qualified nurses and vets will be there 27/7 to attend to your pet.


Can I visit my pet during their stay with Great Western Exotics? 

Please speak to a member of staff if you’d like to visit your pet during their stay. Although in many cases, the animal will be home before you know it and a visit during treatment won’t be necessary.


Will I be kept informed during my pet’s referral procedure?

We’ll explain the options available, along with the expected outcomes, during your first consultation. If you need more info on any aspect of your pet’s treatment, don’t hesitate to ask.

If your pet is hospitalised, we’ll provide regular updates. We’ll call you when any procedure has been completed and if your pet is staying with us overnight, one of our nurses will call each morning to update you.

The vet will contact you daily to keep you updated on your pet’s clinical progress and to consult you before any potential new procedures are carried out.

If you’re anxious at any point, you can call us for an update.