What To Expect When You Refer

We endeavour for our referral process to be as hassle-free as possible at GWE

The process 

Before referring a case, we encourage vets to call us and discuss it first. Don’t worry, there’s no obligation to refer.  

We endeavour for our referral process to be as hassle-free as possible. Here’s a brief guide of what you can expect:  

1. Make your referral online, by phone or by email – whichever you prefer

2. We’ll call your client to arrange a suitable time for them to bring in their pet

3. Once the client has met with the relevant members of our team and a diagnosis and treatment plan has been drawn up, we’ll contact you to let you know

4. We’ll supply the client with information and advice after treatment, and will forward this to your practice right away

5. We’ll send you a full report within 48 hours of discharging the patient


Please send us as much detail as you can, including:  

  • Nature of the referral 
  • Diagnostics performed 
  • Treatment received 
  • Discussion notes 
  • Relevant patient notes 



If it’s not possible, or not in the patient’s best interests, for us to perform all the diagnostic tests and procedures in one day, we’ll either hospitalise the patient overnight or book them in for another date and time. We have hospital staff on-site 24/7 to look after hospitalised patients.    

What do clients need to bring to their appointment? 

We advise clients to bring their pet’s medical records, plus x-rays and relevant test results. Insured clients should bring a completed copy of the claim form, signed by the holder of the insurance. 

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